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Dear Friend:

You are remarkable in a way that you might never have guessed. It requires a sincere interest in God and Israel to watch our weekly television program, Zola Levitt Presents. Second, only three percent of our regular viewers take the initiative to request our monthly newsletters. Third, that you are actually reading these words now proves that you are committed to following our ministry’s teachings and enhancing your knowledge of God’s Word.

Our 32-page, monthly newsletter, The Levitt Letter, is more visually appealing than this one because it’s an 8-1/2″ x 11,″ unfolded “self-mailer.” Since it has no envelope that conceals its color photos and headlines, they easily beckon the curious to read. It is designed to teach and inform. And, as you probably agree, what a dose of learning each edition delivers! Instead of throwing away your old Levitt Letters, would you kindly make a point to relay them to friends? Thanks.

Decades ago, this monthly Personal Letter was designed to ask for donations. You probably have noticed, however, that I routinely use the space on these pages to do what I like most — to teach and inform! The necessary reminder that we depend on donations is typically plopped in toward the end. Incredibly, when we tallied the TV time and newsletter space devoted to requesting contributions during 2003, it accounted for only .5% — that’s one half of one percent!

When you support this ministry, you are part of a unique, “five loaves and two fish” minority that is feeding the masses. We stretch and multiply your tithes and offerings to the extent that it is almost awe-inspiring to see how few people we depend on to keep reaching our massive nationwide audience. PLEASE stay with us on your prayers and support through the lean summer months. And ALSO, would you kindly spread the word about our outreach so that we can become more efficient? The more Believers and unbelievers who watch Zola Levitt Presents and read the monthly Levitt Letter, the less it costs to feed each one.

Many of my readers have asked me to bless or condemn fellow ministries that they are considering supporting. This ministry doesn’t have the resources (or desire) to be a watchdog organization, but occasionally we happen upon organizations, such as Bridges for Peace and Jews for Jesus, that impress us with their authenticity. Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer has always been a friend of this ministry and is a solid Believer. He appeared on my television program in Washington, and I consistently quote from his daily newsletter.

He sent me the following letter appealing for funds to combat a growing tendency in the liberal churches, which I myself have pointed out many times. Since it is my policy to bless Israel and also to recommend other worthy ministries for your consideration, I relay his fundraising request below for your prayerful consideration. Ordinarily I recommend other ministries at times when this ministry is a little ahead in our own funds, but, since we’ve gone on the PAX television network, we seem to be financially behind on a fairly constant basis. But make your judgments accordingly. By supporting either our ministry or Gary’s, you will be blessing Israel and certainly doing the right thing with your donations. If you want to receive his newsletter, it’s available at the address below.

Both good and bad organizations out there clamor for everyone’s gifts. We heartily recommend American Values. I have heard Gary’s testimony, and I believe in his values wholeheartedly.

Dear Zola,

By now you may have heard the disturbing news. Just when Israel is taking incredible risks in the hope of securing a just peace in the Middle East, a group of so-called “mainline” American Christian denominations is pushing for economic divestment from Israel. The Presbyterian Church USA and the United Methodist Church recently tried to pressure Caterpillar, Inc. to end its sale of construction equipment to Israel. The United Church of Christ is considering resolutions calling for U.S. companies to end all investment in Israel. One resolution targets companies who are involved in what it calls “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the building of the security fence and the Israeli settlements within the Palestinian territory.”

Zola, I am a Bible-believing Christian, and I am embarrassed and outraged by the actions of these mainline churches. I want to let you know that they do not speak for me, nor millions of other Christians who support Israel. In fact, they don’t even speak for their own members. One survey of Presbyterians found that only 28% supported these anti-Israel activities.

At their core, divestment campaigns against Israel are not just anti-Israel; they are also anti-Semitic. The promoters of these campaigns, within the United Methodist Church and the other denominations, rely on a selective “history” that ignores the fundamental reality of the Middle East conflict: Israel’s neighbors adamantly refuse to accept its right to exist as a sovereign nation.

For example, one resolution being considered by the United Church of Christ engages in obscene moral equivalence, holding the sovereign nation of Israel and Palestinian terrorists equally responsible for violence in the Middle East. Then, even worse, the resolution concludes by putting most of the blame on Israel for creating the “roots of terrorism.”

What are these church leaders thinking? How can they be this confused about the realities of the Middle East? Have they not seen Israel restrain itself time and time again to avoid civilian casualties in Palestinian areas? But Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade show no such restraint. During the intifada, which has just been temporarily put “on hold,” terrorist homicide bombers have blown up Israeli families celebrating Passover, riding on buses and eating at restaurants. Israel’s enemies actively seek to inflict as many civilian casualties as possible! Meanwhile, these liberal churches condemn Israel for merely acting in self-defense.

I am embarrassed that the Presbyterians, Methodists and others are even discussing such outrageous resolutions. If they succeed, along with some other so-called mainline denominations, in gearing up a divestment campaign against the people of Israel, then they will economically hurt that beleaguered nation and encourage the terrorists at the very time when Israel is making extraordinary concessions in the hope of reaching a just peace.

The main purpose of this letter is to assure you that these anti-Israel church leaders do not speak for the great majority of American Christians. In fact, among conservative Bible-believing Christians, support for Israel is extremely high. We believe God when He said, “He who blesses Israel I will bless, and he who curses Israel I will curse.” We will not abandon our friend and ally.

Our support for Israel is unwavering. We look at the Middle East and we see one nation that, like America, believes in democratic values including the “consent of the governed.” We still remember that Israel lowered its flag and declared a day of mourning with us after September 11, 2001. And we see Israel surrounded by regimes led by thugs, dictators and self-anointed kings, many of whom celebrated America’s pain and suffering on September 11. The United Church of Christ and the leadership of the other denominations may not see a difference between Israel and its enemies, but I and millions of Christians do. We know the difference between the murdered and the murderers. We will stand with Israel in this battle.

In view of these disturbing developments, I am going to redouble my efforts on behalf of Israel. We will organize our allies within these churches and elsewhere to oppose divestment resolutions against Israel wherever they appear. In just a few days, I will help bring hundreds of Christian leaders to the Israeli Embassy, here in Washington, D.C., at the ambassador’s request, to rally support on Israel’s behalf. I am doing dozens of interviews on major TV stations and in print media in defense of Israel.

I hope that you will continue to stand with me in this battle. I believe Christians and Jews together can be a powerful force in defense of Israel and against anti-Semitism. Zola, you are not alone! I promise you that Christian Zionists like me will never abandon our Jewish neighbors, nor will we ever abandon Israel.

I deeply appreciate your generous support and hope that you will continue to stand with me here in Washington, D.C. And I hope you’ll continue to stand with American Values by making your most generous tax-deductible contribution today. Every dollar will be used for our pro-Israel projects. Together we can help protect Israel from the thugs and tyrants that surround it. Together we can fight the anti-Semitism on our university campuses, in the so-called mainstream media and in some “mainline” denominations.

Gary L. Bauer

As you can tell, Gary and I think quite alike when it comes to Israel and the importance of rallying our allies and pulling together as a team. You can write to him at American Values, 2800 Shirlington Road #950, Arlington, VA 22206 or visit www.ouramericanvalues.org.

Please see the inserted page which:

  • Describes several options on my Israel tour this November
  • Invites you to The Holy Land Experience in Orlando during New Year’s weekend
  • Gives details for your church to invite me to speak
  • Offers this ministry’s newest television series on DVD, The Age of Terror

With the tear-off form below, you can total any funds that you are enclosing for your contribution or purchases plus, if you haven’t done so before, tell us on which television station or network you watch Zola Levitt Presents. I also welcome your feedback on the slightly modified format of this letter and any suggestions on how we might do better at glorifying God in our work.

As always, please “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Your messenger,


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