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Dear Friend:

I tend to watch the news like everyone else, and I have noticed that an increasing percentage of stories concern this ministry, with its interests in Israel, prophecy, Islam, etc. There’s so much news on these crucial subjects every month that even our 32-page Levitt Letter won’t hold all of it. In this letter, then, I have placed a few important current stories for your edification.

As this letter went to our printer, the Muslims in Europe seemed to have undertaken the fourth world war. The Cold War could be said to have been World War III, and it died off soon enough, but the Islamic threat to the Western World is much larger and involves a life-and-death struggle for civilization itself.

With that said, the Muslims may be soundly defeated very quickly in Europe if those governments have any sense of self-protection at all. Our own government, with its Ramadan services at the White House and constant kowtowing to the worst of the Islamic thugs in Saudi Arabia, etc., will probably at least take up arms if the rioting starts here. I can’t be perfectly sure about Europe, and this is a difficult time to make predictions.

Please see the next Levitt Letter which will include more up-to-date coverage. But know that above all, we are talking about a true “Sign of the End”Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matt. 24:7,8)

Ms. Sweetness

Israel now needs to open up the border with Gaza so that the Palestinian economy can flourish, according to a recent statement by Condoleezza Rice. An official of the “Quartet” (consisting of the U.S., the U.N., the European Union, and Russia) chimed in with the idea that Israel is “stalling” on opening the border (which is sort of like stalling on avoiding the Mafia).

I read in the U.S. News and World Report of October 31 a detail I should have remembered from my musical career. Condoleezza Rice’s unusual first name comes from the Italian musical designation con dolcezza, which means “with sweetness.”

And I think it was with sweetness that she uttered the above horrifying statement about Israel opening borders with Gaza and inviting murderers into their society. The “sweetness” part is about how the State Department has always falsified their real opinions about Israel and the Palestinians, but I’ve never understood the reason for that. It is patently obvious that this latest suggestion would simply open the way for more terrorists, right after Israel has given up millions of dollars worth of established settlements in Gaza, just in order to get away from these dangerous illegal aliens.

I can only think that “Ms. Sweetness” and the rest of her department do not say what they really mean, or perhaps they say what is politically necessary, in the full knowledge that it will be ignored. No one in his right mind would invite such as Hamas and Fatah, two terroristic factions of the PLO, into Israel to improve the Palestinian economy.

I might suggest to the Secretary of State that she check all this with her president. George W. Bush said in the same week, however belatedly, that we need to close the borders with Mexico. Even though the reason is the same for the intrusion of the illegal aliens—to improve their economic situation—no democracy can perpetually take on with impunity citizens of a neighboring unsuccessful society, whether they are killers or not.

In the Palestinian case, it is guaranteed that some of the new workers will murder their bosses and coworkers. It almost seems as if Ms. Sweetness wants to see more Israelis eliminated in the service of creating a new terrorist state—that of “Palestine.”

What a way to conduct a “War on Terrorism!”

The Little Gods Must be Crazy

Prince Charles of England, an archangel of the system of little gods on earth that the British people appointed back when they lost track of the real God, recently visited the United States and told us we need to show more understanding to the Muslims. His Excellency has previously been noted as an Arabist—that philosophy that holds to loving the Arab culture, like Lawrence of Arabia or Pat Buchanan—and has taken anti-Israel positions.

I’m not so interested in the Prince’s motives as the idea that leadership everywhere in this world is failing, including the UN and certainly in our own nation to some degree. And this phenomenon sets the stage for the Antichrist. Eventually the people of tottering European governments, etc., will look to this coming Prince of All to direct their fortunes, and take them out of their poverty, and protect them against the satanic forces on earth. Ironically, some of his strength will come from those very forces, the Muslims, who, even now as we watch, are taking over Europe and, of course, the United States as well.

When we worship the true God, we have a kind of divine peace within that is not troubled about these world affairs or even affairs in our own lives that are negative. On the other hand, when we appoint little gods on earth, they inevitably disappoint us.

The Spin Master

When Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited President Bush recently, Bush (or his handlers) took the opportunity for some of his most professional “spin.” I voted for Mr. Bush, but I’ve come to realize that he mostly is a “characterizer” of situations rather than an active element for or against them. An example is his referring to the unarmed Minutemen on the Mexican border as “vigilantes.”

I’ve always been disheartened by such statements as Bush’s “vision for a Palestinian state,” but that was so blatant that no one could ever take it seriously. (I don’t believe anyone in the world, not even the Palestinians themselves, has such a “vision.”) But what he said to Abbas was, “The way forward must begin by confronting the threat that armed gangs pose to a genuinely democratic Palestine…” Going just that far in the statement, we find two majestic spins, that there are merely a few gangs, as in Los Angeles or New York, that are bothering a society which is “a genuinely democratic” society. Neither of these things is true, of course. Palestinians, in many surveys and polls, have shown that their vast majority favors murdering Israelis, even after a two-state solution. And they are hardly democratic, nor are they heading that way.

Bush’s statement went on, adding that the PA “must confront the threat that armed gangs pose to a lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.” This paints a picture of a peace that is just within reach but is being held off by these supposed gangs. Let me say it still again. There is not now, nor ever has there been a real peace process or any wish for peace on the Palestinian side of this conflict. There has never been a serious American attempt to establish a Palestinian state other than rhetoric meant to please our Saudi masters.

The truth of the situation, if we must reiterate it again, is that the Palestinian people are, in effect, a group of illegal aliens, mostly comprised of terrorists and complicit terrorists. Their goal is to wipe the Jewish people off the map, as stated plainly by the president of Iran.

Since we note that the present Islamic terrorists in France are referring to the native government as “occupiers,” we at last can see the technique of the Palestinians referring to the Israelis—natives of the land for 4,000 years—as occupiers. And we can plainly see what that is worth.

I personally want to recommend our website to you (www.levitt.com), especially the news articles we post for your edification. The fact is, our subjects—Israel, End Times Prophecy, general Bible teaching, and Islam—have become so overwhelmingly influential in today’s world that we are simply inundated with news stories on all these subjects. I explained in a previous letter how our ministry started quietly in the early ’70s with explanations of Israel and has become a very large and significant ministry in the present time.

Our Levitt Letter is limited in space and, of course, this personal letter is as well. When we have extra stories (and we print probably 10–20% of what’s available to us), Beginning December 9 at www.levitt.com/news. They are yours to read, and we highly commend them. In many cases, they are just as effective as the stories you read in the Levitt Letter. It’s simply like having one or two more Levitt Letters each month.

We have been doing this for some time, and I know that we have tens of thousands of “hits” on our website’s pages. But I especially wanted to recommend it to those of you who haven’t taken advantage of this service.

We’ll stay at our posts and report the news and prophecy developments right up to the end, which frankly, I think, won’t be very long. Please join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Your messenger,


P.S. Two years ago, we began broadcasting “Zola Levitt Presents” on Thursday mornings on the PAX network. That major expansion ran this ministry in the red for more than a year, but now we have stabilized. Beginning December 9, we are adding Friday afternoons on the Daystar Network, our nation’s second largest Christian TV network. Viewers who receive Daystar can see Zola at 6:00 ET, 5:00 CT, 4:00 MT and 3:00 PT on Fridays.

In addition, we are adding the following five Christian Television Network (CTN) stations:

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You can see our national TV airing schedule at www.levitt.com, and we would be happy to mail you one. Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer toward our continuing expansion along with fresh, on-location TV footage for a strong season of sowing for the Harvest.

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