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The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Dear Friend:

In view of my ongoing cancer, I’m going to sound off on a few subjects that have been bothering me right along. They will consist of some thoughts on the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians.

The Chosen People

There is no rational basis for anyone in this world to hate the Jewish people. While they seem almost universally despised, they really have done so little to deserve any sort of criticism. And they have more than made up for any failings by their magnificent example of real democracy, ingenuity, helpfulness to the whole world in humanitarian contributions and a constant good example among nations.

To be very frank, this small country of some 5 million Jewish people has less confusion, more organized politics, a more serene lifestyle, a fine economic situation for its people and the uncanny ability to persevere through thick and thin while being inexplicably hated by close to the whole world.

The irrational basis of the world’s hatred is really not about the Jews at all, I believe, but about God. If any person has a problem with God, it is easy enough for him to simply hate what God has chosen and what God has promised. It is so easy for a Muslim, an American militia man, a French policeman, an Indonesian government official, a United Nations executive, a U.S. State Department functionary, or millions of other such haters of God to simply turn on the Jews and thus avoid having to say clearly: “I have a real problem with God.”

What if the world suddenly became as it will be in the Kingdom and practically everyone appreciated the amazing accomplishments and willing help of this overwhelmingly successful society of Israel? To start with, the Muslims would be far better off everywhere, especially in the Middle East. As I have quoted many times, “With Arab cash and Jewish brains, the Middle East would be paradise.” That goes most especially for the pathetic Palestinians, who have stood in broad daylight in front of the world and elected paper tiger terrorists in some desperate attempt to kill a few Jews while they themselves fall into a hopeless life of handouts from other Jew-haters.

In a Kingdom-like world the International Red Cross would find its effectiveness at least doubled as some of the world’s best doctors and trauma teams from Israel are welcomed at disasters everywhere, saving countless lives. After all, God is still promising, “I will bless them that bless thee.”

The very idea of adopting a benign trust in God Himself could slowly replace the absurdity of the Muslim terrorists and their religious attacks around the world. At the beginning of Islam, Mohammed himself is quoted as respecting the Jews and awarding them their land as in the Bible.

But the ongoing hatred has nothing much behind it in Islam. Obviously, it is not religion at all to propose that one murder other people. And those who busy themselves in that occupation simply pile up more and more animosity toward God. How fascinating it would be to get the attention of “President Psychopath” of Iran, speaking behind a poster reading: “A World Without Zionism,” and somehow make him see that what is coming now, and in the entire future of this world in the Kingdom and Eternity, is exactly the opposite — a world with Zionism. God Himself is certainly a Zionist, a term which simply means that the Jewish people should live in the Promised Land.

The Enemy

I really would like to say something nice about the Muslims, and I would if I could. Over some 35 years of dealing in the Middle East, I have met many, interviewed them, and operated TV crews in prisons, refugee camps, etc. I have taken cruise tours where I stood on the decks of 20,000-ton vessels being guided into a harbor by an Egyptian pilot, and I have watched Turkish deckhands secure these big ships, knowing full well that in their hearts they hated the Greeks with whom we sailed. I have, therefore, trusted them and, in these cases, I was not let down. But, other than those shore personnel, I really never met a Muslim that I could trust.

Talking directly to Faisal Husseini, Arafat’s assistant for Jerusalem affairs, I knew I was being lied to. With Hanan Ashrawi just two years ago, I was being told the most childish and absurd lies by a woman who earned a doctorate from the University of Virginia. Since I played the part of an American news reporter (read “ignoramus”), she imagined that she could describe a twentieth-century stone wall as a pre-Christ Palestinian construction. She also claimed that the Jews never really lived in Israel. In her words, “They come, they go.” It was likewise trying to deal with their news reporters or their people on the street as far as the Palestinians went. There was hardly a moment of getting any sense out of the whole lot of them.

But my subject here is treachery. The Muslims are our sworn enemy, regardless of how they dress, how they act, how they present themselves on news broadcasts, or how they murder people. I am convinced that the mentality of these people cannot be changed. The reason we cannot seem to establish a decent democracy in Iraq, for example, is that there’s an oversupply of utter lunatics willing to kill themselves and any number of perfect strangers for no reason at all. And they will continue to do that. The Muslims are our enemy who would kill every one of us if they could. They are clever and sneaky, and they are moving into this country virtually without opposition.

This is not only a Christian fight, but an American one (and Israeli as well). But if we don’t take the battle to them soon, we’ll simply lose the war while our leadership dithers about the sort of nonsense that passes for governance in Washington these days. As matters now stand, we have little government leadership left that makes any sense, and, seemingly, no one in Washington who understands the gravity of this oncoming war.

Resist the Muslim in every conceivable way until the Lord comes.

The Believers

The only people who seem to make sense these days are the born-again Believers, with their steadily-faithful support of Israel and their ongoing trust in the Lord. I’m so sorry that I’ve had to curtail speaking engagements because it’s in the churches, large and small, that I can meet people of common sense and genuine faith.

Without doubt, the Lord’s coming is near, if only because of obvious prophecies in the making, such as the Gog and Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38–39. You’d almost think that the liberal churches by now could connect Iran’s threats to Israel with Ezekiel’s Persian-led invasion. If there were just one Bible out of a thousand Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian churches, etc., someone might find these two giant dots and be able to draw a line. But no, they are busy damaging Israel in every way they can, building up quite a few explanations for Judgment Day.

As to the Believers, all I can say is keep up the witness. The only way out of all this is with the Lord. The world has gone so haywire that one would not know how to fix it even if the Muslims decided to back off for a while. Our unbelief, our politics, our hatred and betrayals, and the oncoming famines, pestilence and earthquakes of the upcoming Tribulation have all but wrecked the world. To me, it looks like it’s over.

I usually urge Christian people to get to Israel and see their Kingdom to come, and this letter is no exception. Once you have visited Israel, you will see why I have spent a lifetime urging people to go.

Our “Discovery Tour” is scheduled for June 6–16, and will be led by my wife, Sandra. While on this popular tour, one of the more satisfying things you will do is take part in an archaeological dig. Even the archaeologists have been pleasantly surprised at some of our finds. This will be your summer vacation well spent!

Our friend Harvey Zion is stepping in to lead one of our Orlando tours this year. Consider joining Harvey on the weekend of September 1–3 for an inspiring time at The Holy Land Experience. Since Harvey is a Jewish believer, he will have some insights of his own to share with you. You will have a greater appreciation for the real Israel after having seen the theatrical presentations and Biblical displays at this wonderful theme park in Orlando, Florida.

But, nothing can compare to the real Israel. Our fall tour is scheduled as follows: The Deluxe Tour (Israel Only) is October 29 – November 8, Grand Petra (Israel & Petra) October 29 – November 12, Grand Athens (Greek Isles & Israel) October 24 – November 8, and our all-inclusive Ultra Grand Tour (Greek Isles, Israel & Petra) is October 24 – November 12. Any one of these options will be a grand experience.

To request a brochure on any of these tours, please call Tony at 214-696-9760 during regular business hours, 1-800-WONDERS (800-966-3377) anytime, or visit www.levitt.com where you can download a brochure from the website or request a brochure be sent by regular mail.

You will notice in the weeks and months to come, that I have stepped up my rate of television programs to make the most of the time I remain able to teach. Please help the ministry with these unanticipated expenses. In addition, I am already grooming a successor who plans to appear on TV with me during a transition period. Following that, he and other qualified teachers will carry forward this ministry’s tradition of offering cutting edge commentary on current events’ prophetical significance and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Though you are just as fond of me as I am of you, I am counting on you to stay with this mission whether or not I beat you to heaven.

Please continue to join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Your messenger,


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