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Snow in Jerusalem Photos by Will King

When it snowed in Jerusalem on Jan 30, 2008, Our Man in Jerusalem, Will King, was out and about with his camera documenting the phenomenon. Enjoy!











114 Responses to “Snow in Jerusalem Photos by Will King”

  1. Dee Ann H. Says:

    Great pictures, never saw it get snow there in pictures. Those kids look like they are having fun!

  2. Michael Brusenhan Says:

    WOW,WOW,WOW!!! Certainly some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of Jerusalem and the only ones I have ever seen of Jerusalem with snow. Thanks so much for posting them. The grace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your ministry.

  3. tanya iaun bentsen Says:

    My family woke up on Christmas morning,1997,staying at Christ Church to snow. We drove to Jerusalem across the Sinai Deseert from Cairo,Egypt. It was also such a blessing. Your pictures bring back wonderful memories. Thank you.

  4. zechariah Says:

    WOW Lovely! Beautiful photos.Snow in Jerusalem is another way of God expressing the beauty of Jerusalem. Thank you for the great pictures. They really captured the special blessing of having snow in Jerusalem.

    pastor K.Zechariah from INDIA.

  5. Norris Everson Says:

    Having lived most of our married life in Alaska, we understand the exuberance and awe of new fallen snow. Seeing it in Jerusalem and capturing the scenes for all to see had to be a thrill. In Alaska’s interior we would get snow and cold that can last up to nine months and that is how we got the title of the Frozen Chosen. todah, todah rebah.

  6. Lori Shuman-Auspitz Says:

    Blessings to all from sunny Florida!! Just love these pics. Lots of fabulous memories from our time in Israel with Zola Ministries in 08 and 09. My heart is there because of the fabulous experiences I had on your tours, and I am praying that Adonai makes a way for me to spend some significant time doing charity work in Israel in 2011. I continually pray for the ministry, for the ambassadors that are actually in Israel right now with your tour, and for the nation of Israel to seek their Messiah. As we enter the Passover season, I pray that a huge number of Jews come to know their Messiah.

    Many blessings,
    Lori Shuman-Auspitz

    P.S. Zvi, there is snow in Jerusalem!!!!

  7. Dr. Robert E. Shearer Says:

    I downloaded a few of the above pictures a couple of weeks ago and gave my Pastor a couple of them this morning in Church. He loved them! Sort of gives “Global Warming” a black eye. I love Israel and pray not only for Israel and the Jewish people but for the Peace of Jerusalem every day! (Latter commanded by Psalms 122:6).

    May God bless and keep everyone of you!

    Doc Shearer

  8. Rhonda Smith Says:

    Beautiful sight to behold. I love Israel and stand with her as well all Gods people. Thank you for sharing these pictures.I have never been able to go there but one day I will even if I must wait till Jesus sits on the throne of David! My heart is with her.

  9. Mike Bryant Says:

    Awesome, one day I would love to go and walk where my Lord walked.I pray that the Lord Jesus bless Israel and keep all safe.

  10. johno sexton Says:

    Pure remembrance,
    Was caretaker of a homeless shelter (Bet Yacob, 51 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem) at the time of this snow.
    We only had a small diesel stove to warm the building with 12 men.
    One of the men had just come to know the Messiah Yeshuah, and to share his salvation. He loved to
    sleep outside, even in the cold, and he froze to death in this snow storm.

  11. Nathaniel Says:

    Wow, I love this pictures! I may not be the best on weather, but I am guessing that snow in Israel, at least in the non-mountainous areas, is not a common thing! I love this site, and all of the information here, but these pictures just blow me away! I am a winter sort of person, and living so cal I don’t get to see snow! So thank you for posting these! (And yes I know I am late on the punch, lol I saw one of these in the Levitt letters I used to get when I lived in Ohio, and it just came back to mind!)

    God Bless!

  12. Lynne-Reed Says:

    Beautiful Photographs! But then, Jerusalem is always beautiful to me…regardless of the weather…
    I love that city.

  13. Eric E Stahl Says:

    Israel you have gotten out of the Russian north, now leave “The Daughter of Babylon,” Zephaniah 2:6-7. You ask where is the daughter of Babylon? It is where the Jews live now! 6,000,000 Jews live in America and about 3,000,000 Jews live in the remainder of the world so where do you think the last Babylon will be?

  14. Neville Mangalagama Says:

    It is god blessed nation , and I remember the Jerusalem when I see this pictures , I was there in December it was sooo cool , happy to be their again. May the God Bless Israel

    Neville Mangalagama

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