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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

Zola’s Liver Looks OK

The Liver doctor says nothing showed up in the sonogram. He just
thinks Zola’s body is responding to the operation and there’s no problem.


10 Responses to “Zola’s Liver Looks OK”

  1. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Praise the wonderful name of Jesus!

  2. Marietta Redman Says:

    Just thought I would check Zola’s latest status and am overjoyed to learn that his liver is fine and that he may go home today. Praise God. Will continue to pray for Zola’s recovery and peace for him, wife Sandra and family. Will continue to pray for support of ministry…Let us all pray for the Peace Of Jerusalem….In Christ…Marietta Redman

  3. L. S. Says:

    Shalom Zola: I wonder if “lilly livered” would apply here? I’m sure delighted your test came out fine. Still praying for you. It’s 5:43am and I just finished praying for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. We are all behind you Zola. Do exactly what Yeshua said, take one day at a time. I sure do love you and your ministry. God Bless You.

  4. DeLila Bogart Says:

    Good morning, I was just checking in on Zola and I hope he gets to go home today. I know that Always makes you feel better.

    I met Zola about 2 years ago when we came to Dallas and attended one of his weekend teachings. I hope you do another one soon. This was at the time the dead sea scrolls were on display and that was just awesome.

    There was a couple from Israel that also did some teaching that were living in one of the “outposts” and were needing a gate. I often wonder if they are in an area they are closing down and making them leave. I hope not. It scares me what Israel is doing right now.

    Take care and get well soon, we need you….The world needs you….

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem…….

    You take care, Zola and know there are many prayers for you and your family. You are a special person that is not afraid of the truth. Not many around now days.

  5. Darlene Geoghan Says:

    Dear Zola,
    You and your ministry are so precious to me.
    I thank Jesus that everything is going well.
    It’s so interesting that some of the experiences that we go through (and would rather we didn’t go through them!) are the very ones that make the presence of the Living Christ so near to us. Oh, Zola, the stories you could tell of His love!

  6. deidra edwards Says:

    Dear Zola and Family,
    Two or 3 years ago, I was up in the wee hours of the morning and happened across someone I had never seen before talking frankly and openly about Isreal, the palestinians and how things really are. It was a breath of fresh air! In a world that continually bashes Isreal and distorts the truth, Zola, you are STILL a breath of fresh air! God willing, you will be with us for many more years.
    Love in Christ.

  7. Tim and Ellen Baum Says:

    Zola, we are glad to hear that you are doing better! Keep on keeping on! Father, continue to bless Zola and bring him back to good health quickly. Ease any pain and cause Your light to shine on him. In Jesus’ name,


    The Baum bunch

  8. Sally Savage Says:

    My dear brother in the Lord, we have never met, but your life and ministry have touched my life. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for teaching me to love Israel in a real sense. I am so glad your surgery went well. Take the time the Lord is allowing for you to heal and be spiritually strengthened. You are in my prayers. I pray for Jerusalem & Israel.

    Sally Savage
    Grand blanc, Michigan

  9. Mary Jane Solomon Says:

    Yippee! That’s wonderful news.

  10. Helen & Jerry Moyot Says:

    Hallelujah! With all good wishes and prayers-
    Jerry and Helen Moyot

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