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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

Zola should be released Tuesday

If all goes well, Zola will be released from the hospital at 8:30 am on Tuesday. He did very well today. Sandra is still a bit nervous about it all but they are in God’s hands.


9 Responses to “Zola should be released Tuesday”

  1. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Dear Zola and Family,
    This sounds like very good news! I always like to check your website just before retiring for the night and this was definitely welcomed news…..I just thank the Lord for His hand upon you….Your ministry has meant the world to me…..I have given so many people your books and all my grandchildren know I am a cheer leader for Zola…..We depend upon you to keep us informed and tell us like it is……I love Israel and have enjoyed so much seeing it through your TV lense on your trips as I have never been financially able to make the trip……but you make us feel like we are right there with you….and it is beautiful.

    I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and know that will happen when Messiah returns once again, and the beautiful part of it is we will be with Him then….Praise the Lord! What a Day that will be when we see the Jewish People have their Day of Atonement….I can hardly wait!

    God bless you Zola, praying for you as you have your physical therapy, you will grow stronger each day….the Lord is so good, He is the great Physician….Praise His wonderful name!

  2. L. S. Says:

    Good Morning Zola: So you’ll probably go home today! YEEEEAAAHHH!! You are such a wonderful example to all of us. Still praying for you throughout the day. God will never fail you nor forsake you. We are all looking forward to your full recovery. Have a great day Bro! Shalom.

  3. Connie and Dan Harris Says:

    Wonderful news that Zola is supposed to come home today! The shuttle comes home safely and Zola returns home safely. Thank the Lord for both!!

    We love you Zola and Sandra!

    Take care…have a speedy recovery!

    Connie and Dan Harris

  4. Jean and Ray Bickford Says:

    Dear Zola,Sandra&family,just checked your website to see how you are doing.Hope you got to go home today.Will pray for your speedy recovery.Your newsletter and tv program are such a blessing.God Bless you and your family.

  5. Carol Zajicek Says:

    Dear Zola,

    I’ve been checking in every day, forwarding your progress with those we’ve asked to pray for you. Of couse, everyone loves the picture of you in the hospital, which has become known as the “Big Heart” picture! I got in the lower section of our bookcases yesterday, and inside the door is a small cartoon-like picture I had cut out several years back and taped inside there. It was just one of those things that touched my heart. It came in one of your mail-outs; it’s a picture of what appears to be a Jewish man, standing firmly with his feet set widely apart, and holding a big sign that says “Will Work for God.” In the background is the faint outline of Jerusalem. I hope when you feel up to it that another picture can be posted of you in your blessed return to good health, because I’d love to put it below the other one and entitle it “Still Working for God!”

    In continued love and prayer for you and all those you love,
    Carol and Charles

  6. Kenneth Says:

    Praise Yeshua for you coming home! I love Israel and Jerusalem, and I am looking forward to hearing you continue to teach us God’s truth about his Chosen People and the land He promised them.

  7. Lindsay Ingalls Says:

    Zola, This is wonderful news! My Bible study recently used your book on The Holy Days of the Lord as a text. We have been praying for your healing!! Thank the Lord that “your wounds and healed and your health is restored!” Praying to go with you to Israel! God bless you! Lindsay INgalls

  8. Linda Stair Says:

    Dear Zola,
    I am still learning about the Jewish people and the wonderful land of Israel. We need you so desperately to teach us. There really is not anyone like you Zola! We love you very much and know that we are praying for you. Fred & Linda Stair

  9. Douglas Musheno Says:

    I hope you are very well. I thank Ha Shem for your ministry.
    Your Ministry is the Best. How is your Health Now? Are you aware of the Discovery of MT. Sinia
    (Jabel Al Lawz)in Saudi Arabia. Check out the Documentries “The Exodus Revealed DVD”
    by Questar productions (you can get this one at your local christian bookstore)and the “Mountain of Fire DVD” by Base institute (Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams. Go online at These two documentries cover what’s probably the greatest archaeological in the centry. The Messianic Jewish Community in San Diego loved these Documentries. Hand these Documentries out were like Hotcakes. May the Lord bless you and your families health.

    Baruch HaShem in Yeshua!
    Douglas Musheno

    My New Address is:

    Douglas Musheno
    1370 Longview Drive Apt 10
    Woodbridge VA 22191

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