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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

Zola is walking by himself and working a bit

Although he feels a bit like he has been run over by a truck, Zola is walking by himself and eating well. He starts physical therapy today.

And Zola is working again! He says the Lord has given him several tasks to do. He has dictated a chapter for a book and material for the Levitt Letter.

Zola said to tell you how much he appreciates the prayers and comments. He said he knew he had a lot of supporters but didn’t know he had that many friends.


59 Responses to “Zola is walking by himself and working a bit”

  1. L. S. Says:

    Good Morning Zola: I’m still praying for you and just sent in my offering to your ministry. I know therapy can be hard, but just do what Yeshua said; take one day at a time. He sure lived that way, didn’t He? I’ve been listening to your Jerusalem 3000 CD. It’s my cleaning music. Only you can get me to dance around with the vacuum cleaner and actually enjoy housework. Thank you so much. AOL has been taking votes from the general public on whether or not the pull out in Israel is going to help bring peace. Most people are saying no. Maybe the world is finally catching on to the palestinian propaganda. You think? Well, have a great day Bro. My love and prayers to you, Sandra, your family and ministry.

  2. Gale Ardman Says:

    Dear Zola, There has not been a message about your health since Ausust the 12th. on my computer. There are letters to you, but no update. Please let us know. My love and prayers are with you and your family. In Christ….Gale

  3. Kevin T. Newhouse Says:

    Dear Zola:
    God speed brother. I am terribly sorry that I missed you on my way through Dallas to Galveston. I had a good visit with your marvelous receptionist (quite right–the office IS small). Continue your recovery and maybe I can buy you lunch on the way back through. In Jesus, –Kevin

  4. Nancy Chaplin Says:

    Shalom Zola and Sondra, Mazel tov!

  5. L. S. Says:

    Good afternoon Zola: How are you doing today? I hope your therapy is going well. I know it can be hard at first. I watched your DVD with W Shoebat on terrorism last night. You two really make a great team on the subject. The Rapture can’t come soon enough for me. Well, I’m still praying for you Bro. Keep up the good work, we’re all anxious to get you back “live” to hear what you have to say about all the stuff that’s been happening with Israel. Love to you and Sandra.
    Shalom 😉

  6. Richard Pond Says:

    Dear Zola,
    It is a privilege to be praying for your swift recovery!!
    Thank you for your clear message!!

  7. Sandra Walden Says:

    I am so pleased to know that you are recovering from your surgery. God does indeed answer prayer. May He continue to bless you. Don’t overdo!

  8. Leonard Jaworski Says:

    Sir, the “laborers are few” but you take up a lot of slack. Welcome back to the work. Shalom, Len…….

  9. Bob and Carlene Says:

    Dear Zola
    It is so sad for us and so happy for, you I really choked up when I saw your program. May God continue to Bless you and yours. Bob And Carlene

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