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Life on the ground in Israel

We call them “the boys”

I promised that I would try and do a little blogging while on the tour.  I did not realize just what I had promised!  But today, I will catch up some.
Today is my son, Will’s, birthday.  So, first things first:  “happy birthday!”  I have been so blessed to watch Will grow in the Lord.  It is the most important thing for a parent, knowing that their children believe in the one true God—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
On that note, I will celebrate this evening with a special dinner for Will.  In our family, the birthday person, gets to pick the restaurant and/or meal of the day.  My guess is that I will also be fixing a pecan pie.  My pleasure. 
The tour has gone very well and everyone seems very happy to be in Israel. I have already heard that several people are making plans to come back in the Fall. The group is on the way to the Dead Sea and Masada.  They will “float” in the dead sea and see where the Jews took their last stand at Masada against The Romans.  
At the baptism service in the Jordan River, we had a young man accept Christ and be baptised.  It was a good day for all of us. Mike is with a group of three other guys who have been friends for over ten years, and some since college. They planned well over a year ago to be in Israel at this time.  We call them “the boys.”  Such fine men in Christ.  Just a real joy to be around them.  So to Mike’s wife, I say mazel tov!  Mike is a new creation and we will keep you both in our prayers.  This baptism was a highlight of the tour for me. 
Tomorrow is the “dig” and another exciting day in Jerusalem. We will be sifting Temple Mount debris, so I am sure that since we have already been to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount area, this will be a real visual for all of us. 

6 Responses to “We call them “the boys””

  1. Dixie McLelland Says:

    Happy BD Will, may you be blessed today and always and may you walk in the destiny God has prepared for you. Shalom, Dixie

  2. Beth Rabideau Says:

    Thank you Sandra for blogging. I have been watching daily for your notes and when talking to Mike mentioned that you stated that you had planned to write but obviously had not had time. When I read your “We call them “the boys” “note, I shed tears of pure joy. You are speaking of my husband and best friend, Mike.(and the boys are some the the nicest people I have met) We have only been married a short time and he had this trip planned before we met. So, I knew this was God’s destiny for him and that he would come back a new creation in Christ! I look forward to a time when I can visit the Holy Land myself. Bless each of you, Beth

  3. Cheri Says:

    What a miracle it is, to see a wife’s prayers answered. I had just read Sandra’s blog, and saw your reply. So much of our lives we plant, sow, and reap. Thank God for his grace to your family.

  4. Sarita Cox Says:

    I too was on the tour and witnessed Mike accepting Christ and being baptised. What a blessing it was to all of us. They are a great group of young men and they were there when us older ladies needed help. Thank you Lord for sending them on this trip. What a blessing it was.

  5. Lisa Johnson Says:

    I am the wife of Steve (one of “the boys”) and also knew this was God’s plan for Steve’s life to travel to Israel. What a blessing it was to him and his friends to travel over to the Holy Land and learn more about Jesus. He was truly in awe of the places he witnessed. One of his highlights of the trip, was the baptism and witnessing Mike accepting Christ!

    He hopes to take our whole family to Israel one day! Thank you for blogging and thank you for making this trip so great for Steve and the boys!

  6. Jerry Koske Says:

    My wife, Janet, and I went on this tour to celibrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We met the “boys” who sat at the back of the yellow bus and agree that they are wonderful young men. They were friendly and helpful to everyone.

    We have been back in Omaha for a little over a week and are already missing Israel,so I am sure you will see us again! The bible really comes alive after seing Israel and our faith has been renewed,

    We are so glad that we selected Zola Levitt tours. Sandra, we appreciate everything you did to make this trip special for everyone.

    Hi Serita. I’m happy to see your post on this blog. Janet and I really enjoyed our conversations with you and Betty on this trip.

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