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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

A Few Bumps in the Road

“We are having a few bumps in the road,” Zola’s doctor says. All normal, but still bumps. Zola’s liver count is not right, so they will do a test this morning. They are not overly worried, but they just want to check it out. Sandra says she’s worried enough for everyone. She also says praying really helps. Thanks to all those praying out there!


9 Responses to “A Few Bumps in the Road”

  1. Jackie Heromin Says:

    These “Bumps in the Road” are coming from non other than satan, and we have the answer to that…….Pray, Pray, and keep on Praying for Zola! We in the Body of Christ will not allow this to go on. Zola, you have been called by Jesus to do His work in these last days, and He WILL see you and your family through these trying days if “you faint not.” We call on The Father to make Zola’s Liver counts normal, and Heal him from the crown of his head to the sole’s of his feet and everything in between, In Jesus Name! We thank The Lord for you Zola, and we expect nothing but one miracle after another from this day!
    With Prayers,

  2. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Dear Zola, Sandra, Mark,
    My heartfelt prayers are there with you….We know by Jesus stripes we are healed….We reach out in faith believing for Zola’s complete recovery.

    Don’t be discouraged, keep looking up….God has everything under control….All things happen for a reason and what looks for bad against you can reverse to be a blessing.

    Just know that many many are praying for you because we deeply care and want Zola back where he is needed so very much….God bless you dear ones…In Jesus name…Dortha Mae

  3. Helen & Jerry Moyot Says:

    Dear Zola,Sandra and Mark;
    Jerry and I are with you in Prayer and spirit. Sandra, telling you not to worry
    is foolish. I totally understand your situation and wish I had a way of lifting
    some of that worry from you right this moment. Remember that God is there for you,too.
    Please tell Zola a friend of mine is looking at going to Israel in November
    or early next year so he has to be ready to go! And Mark, thanks for the newsletter and
    the update. It was appreciated.
    Love to you all,
    Helen & Jerry Moyot

  4. Jacqui Says:

    blessings and favor fill you and cover you. love and prayers. The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

    Sha’alu shalom yerushaliim

  5. Kenneth Says:

    My family is praying for you, and we look forward to seeing you again on TV.

    God Bless You


  6. Kimberly Woolmaker Says:

    Dear Zola and family I will keep on praying for all too go well. In the name of Jesus Christ. I pray for God to smooth all of the little set backs out now. Jesus loves his children. Dear Father I lift up our brother in Christ to you now and ask in the name of Jesus for your precious touch on Zola,s body,Dear Lord heal Zola now and touch him from the very top of his head to the bottom,s of his feet, lift his spirits Lord we thank you for Zola and his ministry. Lord be with him and his family In Jesus name I thank you Father , Amen. Love In Christ Kimberly W.

  7. Tina Comeaux Says:

    I am praying for Rev.Levitt,he played a large role in my finding Christ as my Savior. Has been a long time ago. I entered this website looking for a bible written for friends from Israel (their request) I found a friend I can lift up in prayer! Thanks be to God for Zola Levitt’s ministry! May God restore him to health to allow him to continue his service to God, We need a messenger!
    Christ’s love,
    Tina Comeaux

  8. Veronica Dugas Says:

    I have had health problems in the past myself. As a result I began to study Nutrition on my own and began taking supplements and changing my eating habits to suit the need or deficiency in my body. I had suffered with ill health for 25 years with a constant low immune system. Doctors only made me worse with medications and constantly telling me about my low immunity and they didn’t know what to do. I began to just take B complex supplement vitamins and some enzymes to help me absorb the food I was eating……and within three weeks, I had felt better than I had all my life and that was at age 50! Well, I’ve been studying nutrition ever since and learning more and more about what would help me and others. I have helped many of my own friends and their health was also renewed as a result. So this is why I’m writing you. You can check this out with any Certified Nutritionist yourself if you choose not to believe me. But did you know that a “beet” a day actually cleanses and heals the liver? Also……carrots or carrot juice and cucumbers …juiced if you wish…….adds to the cleansing. There is also a supplement called “Milk Thistle” that has cleansed and healed the liver of a man who was waiting for a liver transplant! It is worth it to you to check this out!!! You also need a hi potency supplemental vitamins that you can take daily to build up your immune system as well as feed your liver what it needs. The liver desperately needs the supplements you get in B complex supplements as well as Vitamin C (get the Ester C) easier on the tummy. Pat Robertson takes Varsity 2 vitamin supplement and so do I. You can get it at I found her website from watching tbn and have been healthy ever since! I tell you all this not to see anything or get anything for it with the exception of seeing Zola in complete health! ZOLA…….WE NEED YOU AROUND! OK? WE LOVE YOU! PLEASE EITHER SEE A CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST OR AT LEAST READ UP ON WHAT I SHARED WITH YOU. GOD BLESS AND YOU JUST HAVE TO STAY AROUND OK? WE NEED YOU SO MUCH!

  9. Bob and Carlene Says:

    stay with us dear Zola we need you till Christs return. We love you so much.

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