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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

A Message From Zola

Dear friends,

I really appreciated the prayers, cards and letters. My recover has had one or two setbacks, probably due to age and the fact of a previous bypass, but on the whole I’m doing very well.

I’m walking fine and exercising every day, I wrote the September Personal Letter and edited the Levitt Letter, so I guess you could say I’m back at my post. I sure watch a lot of TV and get in a lot of chair-time but I’m learning a lot from watching various news broadcasts. Please know that I feel a significant improvement each day and I’m told that my recovery is normal.

Thank you for the prayers, the good wishes and the extra support that you’re giving us. I really appreciate it all.

Your messenger,


54 Responses to “A Message From Zola”

  1. Eva Pharez Says:

    Dear Zola

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re recovering and starting to get back to
    I have been reading your articles and books for years, and love the way you write.
    Take good care and may the LORD bless you and keep you strong,

    Sister in the Lord Yeshua,

    E. Pharez

  2. Billy kirwan Says:

    Dear Zola,

    in 1972, I latched on to Romans 8:28 and wrote this poem. I hope it is useful to you and others who may readi it.

    And we know that in All things G-d works for the best to them that love him and are called according to His purpose.

    Romans08:28.CJB Furthermore, we know that G-d causes everything to work together for the good of those who love G-d and are called in accordance with his purpose

    Romans 8:28 Poem written by billy kirwan, spring of 1973. This poem was written about 9 months after a tragic accident crippled me and killed my mother and brother. The Poem is intended to reach out to people who feel confused by life, and want to turn to the Father for His help.

    1. Have you ever wondered
    when something has happened to you?
    Yes wondered why it has
    and what you should do?

    2. Well this has recently happened to me
    and I couldn’t see what the reasoning was,
    but if we open our eyes we will see,
    G-d has a reason for all that he does.

    3. Now having said that I want you to know,
    that He will give fruit from the seeds that we sow
    Just make them kindness and friendship and love
    and He will bless them right now from above.

    4. And when you meet someone on the street
    Just give them a smile, don’t look at your feet
    let them your happiness share on this day
    That G-d will help them, if they follow His way.

    5. So make up your mind that you will try to be happy
    and love your own neighbor as much as yourself
    Just put on a smile and make others so happy
    instead of stowing your smiles on the shelf.

  3. Cheryl Starry Says:

    I live and work in Italy. I teach dependent children of the US military. I only get to see Zola when I come home to the USA to be with my parents during summers. I hope Zola is still bouncing back from ill health and I regret I didn’t know he was in crisis. I send my best wishes and prayers. I miss seeing Zola on T.V. and look forward to logging on to this web site. I didn’t know it was available. Nowadays everyone has one it seems. I am glad Zola’s ministries has a way for out of touch people like me to tap in and get the latest on the Christian’s plight in this world. I wake up everyday thinking about Christ’s return and how close it seems. Since I am in italy I am very aware of the world’s conditions, erratic weather patterns and the many earthquakes all over the planet. There are so many and so often. I want to go home to the USA and retire from this job. I feel the urge more and more each day and have to wait for June to make it a reality. I want to be able to have more spiritual guidance and knowledge since I am on my own here in Italy. My husband had to go back to the US in March to be with my very ill parents 24 hours and 7 days a week. I miss them all and look forward to coming home to them as soon as school is over for this year. A faithful follower,
    Cheryl Starry
    Educator, Department of Defense Dependent’s Schools-Europe.

  4. john bennett Says:

    Dear Zola, the LORD has already blessed you with the truth, and I pray he will grant you 50 more
    years to teach the truth to a very needy world.. I thank you Zola for speaking the Gospel.!!!
    May YESHUA bless you and yours.

    john a bennett
    and family.

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