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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

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TV Episode About the Surgery

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Zola discusses his upcomming surgery in episode V1619 “Two Soldiers: Two Battles” of Zola Levitt Presents, which broadcasts July 17–July 23, 2005. See the TV Schedule for a broadcast time in your area.

This episode will be available soon for viewing on your computer on the Zola on Internet TV page.

Zola’s Upcoming Surgery

Monday, July 18th, 2005

In late 1982, after experiencing some symptoms of heart trouble, Zola underwent a triple coronary bypass operation with six grafts using veins from his leg. In 1994, he had two angioplasties to improve his circulation.

This procedure should have lasted for ten to fifteen years, which would have taken Zola to about 1997. Zola believes that it was the intercessory prayer that he received from his very large television audience that has sustained him for the past 23 years since his first bypass—long beyond expectations.

Recently, he again started having some heart-related symptoms. In June, he had an angiogram and found that two of three coronary arteries are blocked again and the third one is 70% occluded.

Zola’s cardiologist advises that, although this is not an emergency situation, it does need attention. Without the surgery, Zola would probably last another three or four years. With it, he could go on for another twenty-two.

The recovery from the operation is expected to take up to three months.

For about six weeks, he won’t be able to work very much on newsletters or television programs. He does expect to be all right for the November Israel tour. He at least plans to go to New York, see the tour off, and have the usual orientation session at the JFK chapel.

Zola requests that rather than send flowers or other items, that you send him your prayers. He also asks that you continue your support of this ministry during his absence, when donations can sometimes drop off.

Besides praying for Zola (and, as always, praying for the Peace of Jerusalem), Zola wishes to remind you to also pray for others in your lives that need intercession.

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