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Information about Zola's 2005 heart surgery

Better all the time

Here are some quick updates:

  • Zola’s surgeon has turned him over to his cardiologist, meaning that the surgery phase is now complete.
  • Zola had an echocardiogram and it was totally normal. His heart is functioning perfectly.
  • His blood pressure is now normal also.
  • He has healed enough to take baths and sleep in his bed again.
  • He is walking a mile every day without difficulty and will be extending that distance.

Zola will see the fall tour off in New York and will definitely be leading the tour in Orlando on New Year’s weekend.


41 Responses to “Better all the time”

  1. Inez Says:

    Good news! Good news! Thanks for letting us know things are going well.
    How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that sayeth unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

  2. Danny Lee Mathis Sr Says:

    Hi Zola

    i was begining to wonder if you were okay.
    Your show did not air on Direct TV’s ch. 371 yesterday.
    The title of the show was in the menu but
    it had another program airing in your slot.
    *Heads Up*

    You keep getting better!
    Very Glad to hear you’re doing well!
    Thank God!!!
    God’s children & your viewers need you!!

    One Step At A Time Now…Don’t over do it.

    With Much Love……

    Danny Lee Mathis SR.

  3. Jan Hawthorne Says:

    Praise God! Glad to hear you’re doing so well. 🙂

  4. Sonja Says:

    So glad you’re feeling better. I’ve watched you for a few years now and you have continued to cross my own Spiritual journey. I’m so thankful that you have been a teacher of sorts to me at different times in my life. I had always felt, as a young Christian that I was really missing something…I never understood the disconnect between Christ being a Jew and me being a Christian…I wanted to worship/live the way that Christ did…It was you that God used to flick the lightbulb on! I started watching and feeling like I was coming home to something…very hard to describe. I’m thankful for you Zola. There is much to learn and at 36..almost 37…I want to know EVERYTHING!! I’m looking forward to your recovery and hope to make my first pilgrimage to Israel with your tour next year. I’m a photojournalist by the way…i’d be happy to furnish your owrganization with photos of the trip-no cost of course..just a thank you for all you’ve meant to me and so many others! Blessings,

    Sonja Kinzer

  5. RS Miller Says:

    Your work is not done yet, and there is still a lot to do.The Lord will not let you go until it’s time and thank God it’s not time yet. Because we still need you! You have done a wonderful job. Get well soon and may God continue to bless you and your’s.

  6. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola: What grrreeeaattt news! (especially the taking a bath part :-)). I’ve been studying the 24th chapter of Jeremiah tonight. Wow! Those two baskets of figs sound like the wheat and the tares. These people calling themselves “the church”, while they are hating Israel really need to take a look at this. God changes not. Granted there are Jews God is not too happy with, but we can’t know who they are. That’s God’s business. Our business is to love them. And the ones that are back in the land are definitely the “good figs”. By the way, thank you so much for “Beyond Words”. I’m listening to it right now, it’s wonderful Bible study music. I am soooo happy you are improving so well. But I am not going to stop praying. I was praying for you before you had the surgery and will continue to do so. Have a great weekend Bro.
    Lukia 😉



  8. Mary Jane Solomon Says:

    Greetings, Zola,

    I am very pleased to read that you are improving all the time.

    In fact, I saw you this morning on TBN, post-surgery, and you look wonderful. God is very good to give us more time learning at your feet.


  9. emily davis Says:

    praise God you are doing well. as you know, my father-in-law had quad-bypass either the day before or after you on emergency. he is doing well also, although they snipped a nerve in his leg that has been bothering him – he is a jehovah witness and doesn’t believe in the power of prayer, but we pray for him anyway and he is doing better!!! my husband tells his mother that we are praying for him all the time and she thinks we’re nutz. imagine that – i say i wish we were all nutz!!! we love you at the davis house.

  10. Kenneth Says:

    Praise God!

  11. L. S. Says:

    Good Morning Zola:
    I just watched Schindler’s Ark with Rosemary Schindler on your internet TV. She mentioned that Oskar had to go back 200 years and make sure there was no Jewish blood in his geneology. Back in 1966 my half sister wanted to join the Mormon Church and she had to do the same thing, only concerning blacks. She would not be accepted if there was any black African blood in her past. Deja Vu! I hope you are doing well and I’m still praying for you.
    Lukia 🙂

  12. Shirley Says:

    Hi Zola, So good to get the update.
    I was concerned wondering how you were.
    IT is so good to hear that you are walking a mile a day a day..
    Wow !!!!! that is excellent. And that your blood pressure is normal.
    I will be praying that our God will continue to bless you.
    I have been watching your video’s of,
    “Israel, the Church and the Future.
    I feel like we are old friends.
    Bless You , Shirley


  13. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola:
    Laughter is the best medicine!
    The cosmic consciencousness leader Elizabeth Prophet says Jesus is one of the ascended masters who is now living in the Great White Brotherhood and he’s been teamed up with Saint Francis to write poetry. Okay, since I am ‘Christlike’, here’s my poetry for Elizabeth:

    beetles are red
    roaches are brown
    I hope you don’t think
    you are getting a crown

    Jesus is LORD
    He rules all alone
    when you finally do meet Him
    it will be the White Throne!

    I’m still praying for you and I thank God for you ministry everyday.
    Lukia 😉

  14. John W . Burton Says:

    Dear Brother Zola,
    As a relatively new viewer, I was unaware of your past health problems. However, I am so thankful to the LORD that He is in the process of restoring you to good health. I am praying for you, and I hope that you will soon be up and about in your vital Christian ministry. As a Baptist minister, I appreciate so much your ministry to the Jewish people as well as to the Gentiles. I have learned so much by reading the “Levitt Letter” and watching your program. We Gentile Christians need so much to be educated with the truth of what is happening in Israel, and her need for our support and love, and your program and publications are providing us with these truths. Also,behind your candor, (or in addition to your candidness), I’ve come to recognize in you a gentleness of spirit, and love for people, and your desire to see them come to accept Yeshua as their Messiah and Lord.
    Brother Zola, I’m praying for you, your family and your ministry. May the LORD richly bless you and your loved ones. Bro. John (P.S. I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem.)

  15. Aaron Reynolds Says:

    Zola My Brother,
    Thanks be to God for your improving health. Laughter,scripture tells us, really does promote good health, so laugh as often as you can. My personal Rabbi (Steve Brown) reminds us that,” we believers, are really the only ones who have anything to laugh about”.
    You are a single source for the News we need. The levitt Letter is so important to stay abreast of the latest news from Israel. Our media here in the U.S. slants what news is available. Some day they will have to give an account. I do appreciate you and your staff for what you are providing us.

    Ezra 1:4

  16. Guy Marvulli Says:

    It’s good to hear your getting well, for so many years your gentle spirit and fairness has been a place of refuge for me, maybe I see a little bit of God in you. May you continue your recovery and the blessings in Christ be upon you and yours.
    Guy Marvulli

  17. Miriam Says:

    Dear Zola,
    For twenty years I have been blessed by your ministry.
    I’d like 20 more unless Yeshua returns. So glad you are
    getting well.
    Be well!
    L’Shanah Tovah!

  18. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola: I repeat; laughter is the best medicine; especially real life humor. I’ve been studying the first chapter of the book of Daniel. Did you know the eunich’s name Ashpenaz (in verse three) means ‘horse nose’! I guess that explains why he’s a eunich ;-). Also, I did some research on the ‘king’s meat’ in verse five. No one in their right mind would eat this stuff. Daniel and his friends knew what they were doing becoming vegans. The king’s meat included pig snouts, rats and sparrows (which weren’t plucked or beheaded)they would just throw them in the fire which would burn off the feathers and they would eat the heads, beaks, feet and poop. Then when all was said and done they would wash this concoction down with ‘mouse’ broth. God mentions this is in Isaiah 65:4 when He talks about the ‘broth of abominable things’. After finding this out, I really enjoyed my soy protein shake for dinner.
    I hope you are doing well. I’m still praying for you. Say Hi to Sandra.
    Lukia 🙂

  19. Kenneth Says:

    God Bless You Zola, I am praying for you in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Saviour.

  20. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola:
    I hope you are still progressing rapidly. I’ve been reading ‘God’s Man Daniel in Babylon’ by Harold Sevener. I’m about half way through it. I thought it would be a good read since I’m studying the Book of Daniel. I just got a new study Bible (I have a lot of Bibles) and the cover was plain black leather with no writing on it. I put your beautiful decal of the ancient Christian symbol on it. It looks so classy. Everyone thinks it came that way until I tell them where I got it. You may be getting a lot more orders for that decal! I watched one of your past programs about Ian Stern digging Israel. I really enjoyed it. He’s brilliant and very interesting. Well, Bro, you are probably already tucked in bed as I am writing this with the time difference. I going to hit the sack too. Still thinking of you and praying for you. My best to you and Sandra.
    Lukia 🙂

  21. Judah Spears Says:

    Shalom Zola.

    I want to say that Yeshua has blessed you.
    I personaly want to thank you for being a great help to me personaly.
    Your TV Shows is an insperation to me, & I wish to say to you as my teacher in the Institute Of Jewish Christian Studies. That out of all the so called Rabbis and suposed Messianic Torah teachers, That you are the only one that preaches and teaches Real Torah & New Testament Scriptures, Yeshua Jesus has truly called you. and I only watch and listen to you, for you tell it as Jesus Yeshua says to.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. Yeshua Jesus Bless your health,my brother in the faith.
    sincerly yours.
    Judah Spears.

  22. L. S. Says:

    Good evening Zola:
    Just checking up on you before turning in. Jesus wasn’t kidding. Every day there is either a hurricane, tidal wave or an earthquake. This quake in Pakistan killed over 18,000 so far. These things are happening so close together it’s becoming “hard labor” for the woman in travail. On one hand it’s distrssing, on the other hand it’s exhilerating because the Rapture looks closer than ever. I’m really having to keep a bulldog grip on “let not your heart be troubled” and to keep looking up for my redemption draweth nigh. As wonderful as it would have been to go to heaven, aren’t you glad you are seeing all of this and will be able to teach about it? I’m glad. I’m looking forward to going up in the Rapture with you Bro! I just finished praying for you and thanking God for giving you divine health and letting you stay with us through all these end time events. Thank you for your wisdom and courage.
    Lukia 🙂

  23. PAUL Says:




  24. Janice Collins Says:

    I am thankful to hear of your successful recovery.
    I always prayed to be able to take a trip to Israel with.
    If the Lord is willing, I will. I believe it is so. So
    thankful to God for your ministry.

  25. Joe Lillion Says:

    God has once again shown us how much he loves us by healing Zola in his special way. Zola’s work is very important to all people as he brings light and truefullness against the enemies of darkness and terrorism.

    We all continue to pray for Zola’s health and welfare.

  26. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola: 🙂
    I’ve been thinking. (I do that a lot – too much sometimes). If America was as smart as it thinks it is, it would bring God back (Ten Commandments, prayer, the whole thing). We could save trillions on weapons not to mention loss of life. God could stop terrorism is a split second without ever firing a shot. He would just stuff their pants with emerods and send in some hornets and viola, war over!!! Have you ever tried to shoot a hornet with emerods in your pants? ;-). Not possible. Well, dear heart, I hope this finds you better than ever. I’m still praying diligently for you.
    Love to you and Sandra

  27. Tony Russ Says:

    Praise the Lord for He is good indeed. Our thoughts and our prays will always be with you Zola and your ministry. How excited we are to hear of your great recovery. We need this ministry more than ever to continue to feed us the Lord’s Word. Christ is coming soon, lets help Zola get the word out.Zola you have taught me so much and I want to grow more with the Lord. Thank You for all you do for Christ and His church. Many, many more need to be saved, lets get on with it.

    Yours in Christ,

  28. Miriam Says:

    Dear Zola,
    Shabbat Shalom! Yes I write on Shabbos if it means sending words of love and concern
    that will bring healing to the soul and also the body. It is good news to read that you are
    almost 100%. Keep up the good work so my friends from shul will one day watch you on T.V.
    My dear friend Sumner watches the evangelists but does not tell me he watches your show yet.
    I am confident he will will watch your program. Please remember him in prayer so he can come
    to Yeshua.
    L’Shanah Tovah and a Chag Sameach!! What a beautiful season we are in.

  29. Jeff Graff Says:

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better. My wife and I hope to be with your spring tour to Israel. It’s something we could never consider before but now it is becoming a reality. Please know that we understand if you are unable to go yourself. I just pray that one day you will be able to return to the land you hold so dear. As you are seeing tours off these days, we look forward to the chance to shake your hand and give you our best wishes personally.
    At the top of our church’s prayer list is, “Peace in Jerusalem.”

  30. Inez Says:

    Hi Zola – I hope you are continuing to do well. I guess our President, along with the Israeli Prime Minister, are hoping to start the disengagement of the West Bank soon. How I hate that our nation is a part of this. May God remember mercy in judgement. Two thousand seven will be an interesting year. No matter how much we may not want these events to occur, His Word will be fulfilled just as it always has. May we be found faithful and not given over to deception as those who reject God the Fathers’ gift of life through His Son, Yeshua (Jesus), in whom we have redemption through His blood – the perfect sacrifice. For by one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified. Hebrews 10:14 Nor yet that He should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year with blood of others (calves and goats); for then must He often have suffered since the foundation of the world; but now once in the end of the world hath He appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement: so Christ (Yeshua) was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation. Hebrews 9:25-28. Hope you don’t mind my typing this out. My understanding over 70,000 words removed with the NIV version – not to mention changing a few important word changes (Isaiah 14:12

  31. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Dear Zola,
    Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! I am so thankful you are doing so well….I know you are busy making new programs, etc……Your ministry means so much to so many, you have taught us so much regarding our Jewish Roots and it has meant so very much to me personally….What a wonderfully organized God we have, one who has everything under control and His Will will be done in His time and not before…..I am 80 years young and have been looking for His return all my life because I came to know Him as a little girl…..but it is getting very near now.

    I just have to give a praise report tonight to my Lord Zola because this afternoon here in our city of Redding, CA, I came very very near to being in a terrible auto accident….it was a miracle that it did not happen…..I just have to give the glory to my Heavenly Father because I know it was His hand of protection that prevented it….I don’t know how on earth I kept from hitting that car that pulled out in front of me…..Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! I love Him with all my Heart and say Thank You Lord!

  32. L. S. Says:

    Good Morning Zola:
    I hope you are exceptionally well today. I watched your video on the Rapture last night. (the one where you were teaching in the church), it was wonderful. I put the TV on this morning to watch Charles Stanley (before I go to church) and I was a little too early and ‘Gene Scott’ was playing. I hadn’t seen him in years. The crawl said ‘call Dr. Scott and leave him a message’, he passed away quite a while ago. And there was nothing saying pre-recorded you can’t call him he’s dead. STRANGE! Can you believe everything that’s happened with Israel since your surgery was done? I very anxious to hear what you think of all this. (your two cents ;-). You said something in the Rapture video that pierces my heart everytime I hear it. You were describing meeting Yeshua at the Judgement Seat and summized He would say “I wish you could have been more like ME.” Thank you Zola, I needed to hear that again. San Francisco is a hard place, especially where God is concerned. Listening to that teaching was a real boost for me. And, by the way, you’re right, that is what He is going to say. Well, Bro, it’s time to get ready for church. Have a great weekend. My love to you and Sandra.
    Lukia 🙂

  33. Kenneth Says:

    Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

  34. Michael Says:

    Praise Jesus!

  35. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola:
    I’ve been listening to Jerusalem 3000 while studying my Bible. Everytime it gets to ‘Father Glorify’ I have to hit the repeat button (five or six times). Zola; that song is not only the most beautiful song you have ever written but the most beautiful song ever written by anyone. Thank you so much for taking Jesus’ loving, precious words and putting them to music. I hope you are better than ever. I thank God for you and your ministry everyday. I’m gonna take a break and watch Beloved Thief. (My favorite video). Oh, I just got ‘Left Behind III, World at War’. It is really fantastic. (My only problem with the Left Behind movies is that I really don’t think the anti-Christ is going to be that young and cute.) We won’t find out until we return with the Lord and watch Jesus fling him into hell. If he really does turn out to be cute, it isn’t going to help him one bit. Well, you and Sandra have a great weekend.
    Lukia 🙂

  36. Cheri Gomez Says:

    Dear Zola,

    So glad to hear you are getting better. I noticed how much stronger your voice was this past week on your program. Recently, God has been laying on my heart that the only way you and your ministry will know I pray for you is to let you know! I have enjoyed the Levitt letter for many years, tape and watch the show (is on 3 times in SA, TX) and have continued to grow under your teaching.

    Your information, research and beliefs have helped me many times in creating lively discussions on Zola Chat — 🙂

    My plan is to support your ministry monthly, not just occasionally, as I understand that to do God’s work takes money. I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer and ask God’s special blessings and complete healing.

    In Jesus Christ
    Cheri G.

  37. Kenneth Says:


    Thank you for all you are doing for Jesus and for his followers, Jewish and Gentiles. I am praying for you and your ministry and your continued recovery.

    Yours in Christ,


  38. K. Bennett Says:

    Hi Zola,
    Our prayers are being answered as to your health and recovery. God is good, very , very good. So glad to hear you will make the fall trip. Keep the Lord’s words flowing, and may He bless you abundently. In Jesus, Kat

  39. L. S. Says:

    Hi Zola:
    I just got back from food shopping at Whole Foods in San Francisco. Normally I get my unleavened bread and other Kosher foods there. The bread was missing so I started looking around to see if maybe they moved all the Kosher stuff to a different place. No gefilte fish, no Hebrew National, no pastas, nothing. I asked the clerk where the Kosher foods were and she said “oh we don’t carry Kosher foods anymore”. I asked her why not and her answer was “Kosher food has weird stuff in it!” I said, oh I see, but you do sell gourmet ice cream that has anti-freeze in it! So I am now on my quest to find another food store. I guess we can add Whole Foods to the ‘anti-Israel’ list. I hope you are feeling great. My best to you and Sandra.
    Lukia 🙂

  40. Sandy Says:

    Dear Zola,
    I am so glad you are recovering so rapidly! And that you are walking and getting your life back to normal..whatever that is!! We certainly do need YOU! Your heart has to function for a long time!! I am a member of the Presidential Prayer Team and I sent Pres Bush a note suggesting that he contact you for guidance in the “peace plan” that is forcing the Israel people out of their homes. The Bible says you have not because you asking not…therefore I’m asking…So..get ready for a call from Washington!! I told people at work about your program and am excited to see the eagerness for the real truth that your show provides. Keep up the wonderful work!!

  41. Inez Says:

    Dear Zola – Just finished watching the newest video broadcast. Hope that is you after surgery. You look great! God is good. Hope all the family are well. Hoping to restart some support for your ministry within the next couple of months. Thinking on the relationship of God with Israel and with us individually. Read Ezekiel 16 this morning. Lord help us not to ever leave our first love.

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